Contact & Review Policy

If you have made it to this page then you probably are going to ask me to read your book in exchange for a review. I would love to read every book and review it, I am afraid that my responsibilities do not allow me to take on a full time position of reading and reviewing books.

Please note that I am a full time student and do not have time to accept every request. So I will only be available to read a few titles each month.

My Reading Preferences

My reading preferences are fantasy, romance (any ex. fantasy, contemporary, etc.) and sci-fi. I am open to many other genres, however, these are the ones that I normally reach for.

I would like to note that I reserve the right to not accept or review any book that I am not interested in. I also reserve the right to not write a review or post the review to my blog or any other socials that I review books on.

I read and focus on adult fiction in these categories, I will on some occasions accept YA genres. Books written by POC, LGBTQIA+ and other voices are more than welcome and prioritized.

My Rating System

If I am reading a book and I am not that into it, or it is not grabbing my attention I will DNF it. There are too many books that I want to read and I will not waste time on a book that I am not enjoying.

For the sake of the author I do not write negative reviews and will not post a negative review.

The books I have written on this blog are 3 stars or above. I may be critical in highly-rated books, but there is one thing I will never do and that is bad-mouth a book that did not work for me. Reading is a different experience for everyone and I know what I might like or dislike someone will like or dislike.

Here is a Breakdown of my Rating Scale:

3 Stars:  I enjoyed the book and I personally would not reach to read it again, but would mention it to others. It was okay, but could use some work.

4 Stars: I loved your book! Great characters and plot. I recommend it to others, and I would like to read more by the author. Really liked everything and would read it again.

5 Stars: Absolutely great book! Amazing plot, I can’t put the book down. I’m never bored, and I would love to read more by the author. I recommend it to everyone. Literally perfect and I’d read it over and over. This book is on my favorites shelf.

Please use the form below if you are interested in reaching out. Any requests sent to my Goodreads or sent in comments or DMs on my bookstagram will not be considered.